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Through His Joy!

--Pastor Amos Albright



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A Word from Your Pastor 

From the Pastor’s Desk – Loving God!


Dear Friends,

            We have been called to love God with all our hearts and to faithfully teach our children to do the same.  How fortunate we are that this divine mandate is at the same time an invitation to joy.  It is by keeping this first commandment that we experience spontaneous happiness!

            This is why John could say, “…His commandment are not burdensome.”  (1 John 5:3)  It is never a burden to be asked to do something you truly enjoy.  Imagine being asked to smell you favorite flower, eat your favorite dessert, or listen to your favorite music.  Would you resist the invitation?

            Loving God is sweeter, by far, than any human relationship.  Why?  Because He never misunderstands you, mistreats you, forgets you, or leaves you.  He is always kind, merciful, and overflowing with life!  He will never embarrass you with impurity or disappoint you by changing His character.   He has promised to be consistently holy – to remain the same, “yesterday, today, and forever.”  (Hebrews 13:8)

            It is said that respect is the best foundation on which to build a lasting love.  With this in mind, consider how long and how deeply you can love God.


-Pastor Amos





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