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Through His Joy!

--Pastor Amos Albright



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A Word from Your Pastor – Miscalculating Sin 

Dear Friends,

It seemed like such a small miscalculation- just a matter of tenths of inches.  The pipes beneath the shower just did not quite line up, but the contractor decided they were close enough.

Twenty years later, the homeowners investigated and realized that water was seeping from under the shower.  They discovered the pipes had been leaking for twenty years and had rotted out the flooring and the walls around the bathroom.  One small miscalculation– one large price to repair the damage.

It’s the same with small sin.  At first, it seems like just a minor indiscretion.  But when it is not confessed and dealt with, it can lead to tremendous damage.  When sin goes unchecked – eventually it will lead to a major disaster.

The Bible states, “Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked, a man reaps what he sows.”  There is no such thing as a small sin.  Any sin left unchecked will eventually lead to a rotten confrontation someday.

I pray that these words remind all of us that we must be diligent in the way we conduct our lives.  Every area of our lives needs to be brought before the gaze of our Lord so that we too might be spared the rotting consequences of a life not kept according to God’s Word.





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