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Through His Joy!

--Pastor Amos Albright



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A Word from Your Pastor – Passing Your Compliments on to Jesus!

Dear Friends,

            In a self-centered world, you will constantly be tempted to draw attention to yourself.  When the apostle Paul preached in the city of Corinth, he faced a similar temptation, so he consciously planned to uplift Christ and not himself.  This is why he wrote, “… I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”  (1 Cor 2:2)

            This concept was beautifully illustrated when a veteran missionary once visited friends in Thailand.  A magnificent orchid was displayed in the center of the host’s dining table.  The stunning blossom was often mentioned during the meal.  Shortly after leaving the house, the missionary asked the other guests if they could remember the vase used for the centerpiece.  No one could!  The vase had been totally eclipsed by the beauty of the lovely flower.

            When you are at your best spiritually, people’s attention will be drawn to the Lord, not to you.   It is the warmth of His presence that will linger in their minds.

            What impression do you make when you receive recognition or compliments?  Does the praise stop with you, or do you sincerely pass it on to Jesus?  Remember that your life’s mission is to draw the world’s attention to Him.


Serving Him,

  -Pastor Amos






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